Saturday, February 02, 2008

"Soul Mate" by a Filipino sculptor Seb Chua

A soul mate may not be a husband or a wife, a lover or a friend, but someone whom you feel connected as though you had been part of each other in the past.

In this piece of sculpture, the artist depicts the woman securely resting on the man’s breast with her right hand touching gently on the man’s shoulder. His right arm, on the other hand, is wrapped around the woman’s body giving that feeling of reassurance that everything is all right.

In this particular instance, one could feel that indescribable bonding between the man and the woman, that pervading heat of their bodies and that sense of eternity lingering in their souls.

Ironically, the characteristic of metal is a contrasting element in the artwork, but the artist painstakingly transformed its cold and hard nature into a soft, warm and sensual image of human bodies.

Rendered in geometric shapes and forms, the sculptor successfully created the tension and drama between the material and the final touch of his creation.

© Danny C. Sillada

Artwork: “Soul Mate”, by a Filipino sculptor SEB CHUA.

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