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TED LUNA: The Symphony of His Art

The Symphony of Ted Luna's Art

"His art becomes a visual music itself, mimicking the poetic movement of objects and human body through the rhythmic flow of his forms and colors..."

When Silence is Golden, Digital Art by Ted Luna.
34 When Silence is Golden  L

As Kandinsky captured music through his abstract juxtaposition of forms and colors, Ted Luna’s aesthetic goes beyond the conventional norms of art making. By crossing over between abstraction and realism, he is creating an optical rhythm and the lyrical tones of figures and colors.

His art becomes a visual music itself, mimicking the poetic movement of objects and human body through the rhythmic flow of forms and colors either on digital prints or through his compelling images on canvas.

(1) Deja vu, (2) Deep Calls Unto Deep, digital Art by Ted Luna
08 Deja Vu  L 17 Deep Calls Unto Deep L

In his “Deja vu”, for instance, he compellingly captured the synchronous and sensual movements of forms and female figures like a flowing river, gentle and placid. At another instance, in his “Deep Calls Unto Deep”, a female nude figure defying the gravity in an oblation-like gesture, stretches her arms toward the sphere of light as if surrendering herself to her creator. The histrionic gesture of female figures is almost playful yet poignant and pensive.

The spatial background of his subject provides a theatrical contrast of space and movement that one could almost feel the symphony of music and the movement of figures resonating within the rectangular frame of his artworks. Equally transfixing is the fluidity of his colors on digital art prints rendered in an almost abstract form yet retains their own indispensable function in defining the essence of the entire aesthetic composition.

Synchronicity, Digital Art by Ted Luna
30 Synchronicity  L

In his depiction of “Synchronicity”, the artist is trying to capture the multi-colored lines converging around the female nude as if emitting energy of the woman, and the latter in a playful gesture, tossing up an undefined sphere with care and gentleness. The picture reflects the essence of a woman, her fragility and vulnerability, her strength and her power. It is like the song of a woman in her bare self, open and unrestrained.

Dream-like and mystical, Ted Luna’s juxtaposition of images are never dull but pullulating with sensual feelings, and that sense of childlike inquisitiveness rouses the viewers to go further into the fantastic world which the artist wishes to convey; a dreamland that anyone wishes to go and be real with oneself in peace and harmony.

Ted Luna, like the gentility of his presence, is the master of visual melody and the poetic movement of figures and colors, an inherent quality from a man of God who attunes himself with the rapture of spirit in his art, and his art becomes a metaphysical quest for the spiritual and the mystical.

Before becoming a multi-media artist, Ted Luna entered the Baptist Theology Seminary in the Philippines, a time where the call to serve God for the young Ted was persistent in his heart. After some time, he took up Fine Arts majoring in painting at the Philippine School of Music and Fine Arts and later, became a University scholar at the University of the Philippines, School of Fine Arts, majoring in Studio Arts.

Rest, Pastel on Paper by Ted Luna
19 Rest  L

It was only in 1985 that he began painting professionally and participating in different art activities in the Philippine art scene. It was also during this time that he garnered awards and accolades for his artistic achievements. He became a three-time grand prizewinner at the Philippine School of Music and Fine Arts and a recipient of the Art Excellence Award in 1989, a prestigious Metrobank Young Painters Annual Competition.

His works have been exhibited in the Philippines, in the neighboring Asian countries, Middle East and in Sheffield, U.K. His most important exhibitions are “Celestial Playgrounds” in 1989 at the Madrigal Center, Philippines, “Brushstrokes Strings, and Satin Shoes” (with Arnel Borja) in April 2000, a two-man show at the famous CCP or Cultural Center of the Philippines. He had exhibited also his “Celestial Playgrounds” in November 2003 at the L. A. Workshop Gallery and the “Rhythm and Hues” in December 2003 at the CCP, Philippines.

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(1)Siamese Surfer, (2) Echoes, Digital Art by Ted Luna
Siamese Surfer v2 sm Echoes L

(1) Dream Catchers, (2) The Jolly Good Fellas, Digital Art by Ted Luna
Dream Catchers 36 The Jolly Good Fellas  L

(1) The Juggler, (2) Disclosure, Digital Art by Ted Luna
27 The Juggler  L 24 Disclosure L

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